September Releases

We made some exciting updates to our search capabilities last month, including content shortcuts and improved relevance for results.

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Let us take a look at each of the releases:

Content Shortcuts in Ticker Autocomplete

Following on from the release of ticker autocomplete, we are thrilled to announce the release of content shortcuts. When you start typing in a ticker or company name, you will find a list of three document types to make it easier for you to quickly find the documents you are looking for.

Improved Search Results

As we continue to improve search experience and relevance, we've launched a new algorithm that will drive a meaningful improvement in search sessions, surfacing thousands of documents that were previously missed.

Quicker Access to Event Transcripts

We are delighted to announce that many of our users now have quicker access to event transcripts, within seconds after a call ends. This version of a document is indicated by a "streamed raw version" label after the title, and is the very first full version of the call available on any platform. This version will be replaced with the human-edited ("Corrected version") document once it becomes available. These streamed transcripts provide a huge timeliness advantage, as Corrected versions are often published hours after a call ends.

News & Regulatory Update

Our content team added a record number of 209 sources to the News & Regulatory collections during the month of September. This content was added across different categories, including general news, automotive & transportation, and more. Easily identify these new sources by clicking the “more sources” menu and looking for the new source notification.

Needham Equity Research now available via Wall Street Insights

We’re happy to note that Needham’s Equity Research has been added to our Wall Street Insights collection. Needham’s team of highly-experienced analysts report on 450+ companies across 20 sectors, including Blockchain, Healthcare, Cannabis, and Industrial Technology.

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