January Releases

To welcome the new year, we launched some exciting new features to our iOS app and across our platform!

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Let us take a look at each of the releases:

Mobile: Ticker Autocomplete & Minimized Audio Player

We’ve added two new features to our iOS app that will help users quickly execute their search and multitask while listening to a call.

  • Ticker Autocomplete: You now have access to the same autocomplete functionality for your ticker/company searches on mobile as on desktop. Begin to type in a company name or ticker symbol in the ticker search bar on mobile and it will now initiate auto-generated suggestions.

  • Minimized Audio Player: You can now minimize the audio player on the AlphaSense mobile app, and the audio file will continue to play. This new functionality allows you to read or take notes on a transcript, or browse other documents, as you listen.

New Source Type: Other Company Publications

The section that was previously named Company Presentations in the sources menu, has been updated and renamed as Other Company Publications, and now includes a number of subcategories to help you quickly identify the focus of each document. This source type gives you access to slide decks, fact sheets, supplemental financials, shareholder letters, and more from over 50,000 public companies. Additionally, we continue to expand our coverage of Sector Specific Content, including new document types like news, blogs, white papers, and case studies..

And that’s not all! Documents now have titles displayed.

Search Improvements

As we continue to enhance your search experience, we are pleased to announce the release of three logic updates that make finding answers on AlphaSense easier.

  • Comma Control: You no longer have to add commas when searching for numbers to the search query to get results.

  • Letter Control: When searching for a specific word, add quotes around it to get exact results.

  • Title Operator Search: Users now have the ability to search for specific keywords or phrases within document titles.

New Additions to Equity Research Collection (WSI)

In January, we added two notable research providers, Roth Capital Research and Wolfe Research to our Wall Street Insights collection of broker research.

Roth Capital’s team of analysts covers 400+ North American companies across Technology, Healthcare, Sustainability & Industrial Growth, Energy, and CPG spaces.

Wolfe’s Alpha List is a high-conviction list of stocks that are believed to substantially outperform the overall market and each stock’s respective sector over the next twelve months. Their team of 25 analysts provide high-quality research on 600+ companies across 81 industries.

News & Regulatory Update

Our content team added 79 sources to the News & Regulatory collections across healthcare & life sciences, technology & communication, and more. Access these new sources by clicking the “More Sources” menu and choosing the type of content you want to search for.

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