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An Overview of the Expert Insights content set within AlphaSense

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What are Expert Call Transcripts?

Our expert call transcript library can be accessed via AlphaSense which contains one-on-one calls with experts in a particular topic such as former executives, customers, competitors, and channel participants.

What do Expert Call Transcripts contain?

AlphaSense’s Expert Transcript library contains thousands of in-depth expert interviews—with dozens more added every day—conducted by investment analysts that dig deep for insights and aren’t available from any other source.

Why are Expert Call Transcripts beneficial?

Expert Call Transcripts help you better understand the strategy of various players in a specific market, unearth unique competitive insights, and easily access market intelligence that simply wasn’t attainable previously without heavy primary research efforts.

Key AlphaSense Features:

Search Summary - Using the Search Summary, you're able to discover the most relevant expert calls related to your search instantly. You can instantly open up this call transcript and begin reading by selecting the relevant topic. The search summary also includes the latest document trends, companies, industries, and regions within your search results.

Keyword Hits Pane - This allows you to jump to the relevant portions of the call discussing your company and/or topic of interest.

Insights Tab - You can also view critical KPIs and Topics discussed in this call

Call Summary - The call summary provides a numbered list providing the most relevant information from the call for quick analysis

Table of Contents - this can be leveraged to jump to that particular section of the call with ease simply by clicking on each section title

Expert Bio & Employment History - You'll be able to learn about the bio of the expert being interviewed, along with their employment history to see if this particular expert has the perspective you're interested in learning about.

Audio Playback - Using this feature will allow you to listen to the audio in full but you can also leverage the timestamps within the transcript to instantly jump to that portion of the call

Sentiment - Utilizing Sentiment allows you to easily get a sense of the overall feeling towards a particular topic or company. Understanding sentiment can help investors and business professionals catch the subtle inflection points in language that move markets and provide early indicators of shifting corporate performance.

Interested in Gaining Access to the Expert's Perspective?

Interested in adding AlphaSense Expert Insights to your AlphaSense content set? Reach out to your Account Manager or via Live Help. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, you can simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get you connected!

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