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Sentiment Analysis

Monitor early signals and catch subtle shifts in language tone to drive insightful insights.

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With AlphaSense, you can use AI-based Sentiment analysis to identify, quantify, and analyze levels of emotion within text. Understanding sentiment can help investors and business professionals catch the subtle inflection points in language that move markets and provide early indicators of shifting corporate performance.

Sentiment in Event Transcripts:

To view Sentiment in Event Transcripts, narrow your Sources to Event Transcripts Only on your desired company or watchlist

Each Event Transcript receives an overall score from -100 to 100 (with zero being neutral). Earnings Calls also have a Score Change (Δ), which reflects the shift in sentiment from the previous quarter. 

Expert Tip: To sort transcripts by score change, run a Ticker/Company search for a list of companies and click the Δ in the left-hand document list.

Sentiment in Company Topics & Tear Sheet:

Within the Company Topics, you'll be able to filter your view to show the most positive or negative topics being discussed by the company.

A Sentiment Module will also appear on each public company’s tear sheet. Using this module, you can visualize a company’s change in sentiment over time. You can also layer in competitors, peers, and other major industry players to see how that company stacks up against the competition. 

  1. To start, type in a company’s name into the Company/Ticker search bar. 

  2. Check or uncheck the left-hand panel of the Earnings Call Sentiment Module to add or remove data. 

  3. If you would like to compare the company with a company not listed, simply type in your desired company’s name into the Add Public Companies bar on the bottom left-hand corner of the module and click the green + button. 

Expert Tip: Click Export Table to Excel to download historical sentiment data from the tearsheet module to Excel for offline analysis.

Sentiment Smart Synonyms:

With AlphaSense you can find positive or negative language on any topic in seconds using Sentiment Smart Synonyms.

To start:

  • Add ‘positive’ and/or ‘negative’ to the end of any keyword search. This will isolate any positive or negative tonality in your results.

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