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Other Company Publications Overview
Other Company Publications Overview

An overview of the Other Company Publications content set within AlphaSense

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What are Other Company Publications?

In AlphaSense, the other company publications category contains various types of content such as Investor Day Presentations, Earnings Presentations, Supplemental Financials, Facts Sheets, News, Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies, and more.

Types of Other Company Publications

Investor Day Presentations

Also known as an Analyst Day, an Investor Day is a public meeting where a company’s CEO and Executive Leadership present on the health and direction of the company and answer questions from investors and analysts. These presentations are typically live-streamed and accessed by a global audience, and the presentation decks are publicly accessible.

Within AlphaSense, you may find general Corporate Presentations or Investor Targeted Overviews of the Company under the Investor Day section; these typically detail the investment case, directors, service reach, revenue streams, and summary financials.

Earnings Presentations

An earnings call is a conference call between the management of a public company, analysts, investors, and the media to discuss the company’s financial results during a given reporting periods, such as a quarter or a fiscal year. An earnings call is usually preceded by an earnings report, which contains summary information on financial performance for the period. At the time of the earnings call, companies typically present slide decks that are contained in this category within AlphaSense.

Supplemental Financials

Typically produced by Financial & Real Estate focused companies, Supplementary information can be defined as information that is outside the basic financial statements, is not required by the relevant financial reporting framework, and is optional for the financial statements to be fairly presented. This information can be included in the financial statements or can be issued separately from them.

Examples of supplementary information are financial information, such as details or other income or administrative or general expenses, or non-financial information, such as the number of employees, number of properties/segment data, portfolio information, Non-GAAP or IFRS Reconciliations.

Fact Sheets

A fact sheet is a brief document that provides information about a company. It typically includes the company mission statement and core values, as well as a summary of the products or services the organization offers. Fact Sheets can also contain Financial, Segment, or Sales Data.

News, Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies

Company Blogs are a marketing tactic designed not only to inform readers, but to increase the visibility of your organization and, ultimately, to push readers toward buying your products or services. They detail stories within and around the company and are editorial in nature. They can also focus on certain subjects and provide a level of expertise such as best practices.

White Papers typically come from Marketing teams and they focus on how a Company's product/service can best serve an area and solve a problem.

Case Studies are similar to White Papers but told from the perspective of a Customer, and typically include testimonials from current clients.

Key AlphaSense Features:

Entity Page- AlphaSense Company Entity Pages ("Tear Sheets") provide a quick summary of key historical and current data for public and private companies, such as Market Cap, Enterprise Value, Valuation, Revenue, and Employee Count.

Table Export - View and export all tables within a filing to Excel

Snippet Explorer- Snippet Explorer shows you all mentions of a theme or topic in any company’s transcript over time, in a single view.

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