To open the Company Entity Page for any organization, simply type their name or ticker symbol into the Company & Ticker Search Bar


Select the "Overview" tab to learn about the company and understand overarching metrics.

Expert Calls

If you have access to Expert Calls in AlphaSense, you can select the "Expert Calls" tab to find the 3 latest expert calls discussing this particular organization. Click on a call to instantly jump to the call transcript and audio recording.

Note: If you do not see "Expert Calls" available, but are interested in adding them, reach out to your Account Manager. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, you can simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get you connected!

Company Topics

Company Topics reveals the topics and themes that a company is discussing by pulling and aggregating them directly from Event Transcripts. You can choose to view the most relevant topics (Relevance), most mentioned topics (Mentions), and even the topics mentioned more this quarter compared to previous calls (Momentum).

Select any topic to view all historical mentions via the Snippet Explorer.


Select the "Events" tab to view that company's Events Calendar to see upcoming earnings calls, conference presentations,, shareholder meetings, and more.

Select a date or an event name to see more details related to that selected event.


Select the "Sentiment" tab to not only view this company's Sentiment score trend compared to the industry and peer averages, but also to compare it to similar companies/competitors (1).

If you don't see a company listed but you'd like to add it to the comparison list, simply type the name and select the "+" icon (2).

Adjust the timeline to quickly understand the historical sentiment trend (3).


Select the "Segments" tab to understand how the revenue is split between business segments and geographies

Fundamentals & Estimates

Select the "Fundamentals & Estimates" tab to review latest and historical revenue and estimate metrics.

If you'd like to run any analysis on this data, you can easily export it by selecting "Export Table to Excel" (1).


Select the "Growth" tab to easily understand the trend of financial metrics, like top-line growth to cash flow, to identify signs of acceleration and deceleration. These metrics are sourced from the company's 10Ks.

Peer Comparison

Select the "Peer Comparison" tab to compare a given company to their public & private competitors/peer group on a variety of key metrics (e.g., size, growth, profitability and valuation).

You have the option to customize this peer group as you see fit. Remove any company from the peer group by selecting the "-" icon (1). Add any company by searching them and selecting the "+" icon (2). If you'd like to change your selection to the default peer group, select "Set As Default" (3).

If you'd like to run any analysis on this data, you can easily export it by selecting "Export Table to Excel" (3).


Select the "Acquisitions" tab to see the latest or all acquisition events by the company, as well as the disclosed amount (if announced) and corresponding currency.


Select the "Investments" tab to see the latest or all target companies this entity has invested in. You'll see the disclosed investment amount (if available), whether the company was a lead investor, and the category of segments the target organization deals with.

Funding & IPO Details

Select the "Funding & IPO Details" tab to see a company's valuation at IPO, the amount raised and share price at IPO, as well as historical funding data.

Document Trend

Select the "Document Trend" tab to see the historical document trend for this company, as well as the breakdown of content types discussing this organization.


Select the "Companies" tab to see what companies are most appearing alongside this company in search results. This is a great view to quickly see who the major peers/competitors are and uncover any hidden players you may not have otherwise known about.

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