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Track, join and replay company events directly from AlphaSense

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Easily keep track of the companies you care about. To ensure you never miss a catalyst moment, use Events Calendar to:

Track events from your Dashboard

To track events from your dashboard, select a Portfolio Monitor dashboard. The event calendar can then be seen in your dashboard under the event widget.

Track events for a single company

To find an events calendar, simply run a single company/ticker search. An events calendar module can be found in between the company topics module and the earnings call sentiment module of each company tear sheet.

You can click on a date or an event name to see more details related to your selected event.

Track events for a Watchlist

To access an events calendar for companies in your watchlist, simply run a search on your watchlist and scroll down to the Events section in your Search Summary.

Click on any event or View All Events to launch a deeper dive into events that provides a calendar picker and event type & company filters to allow users to hone in on events details of interest.

Joining & Replaying Events

Click on a date or an event name to see more details related to your selected event.

How to change your timezone

To change your timezone, and see events in that timezone, click on your initials (bottom left), and head to preferences, then change the Alert Timezone. Once completed, the new timezone will be reflected in any event calendars.

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