AlphaSense User Essentials - Recording

Self-paced, on-demand learning of AlphaSense User Essentials

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You can find a recorded version of AlphaSense User Essentials and view at any time.

In this class, you'll:

  • Understand what AlphaSense is and how it can provide multiple avenues of value for any user

  • Learn how Dashboard can save time and increase user efficiency

  • Know the differences between the two search fields and how each can be used independently or in tandem to achieve desired search

  • Comprehend the value of Smart Synonyms and when to leverage them

  • Explore the Sources menu, showcasing the amount of content and how to filter based on desired outcome

  • Learn the value of creating watchlists and setting alerts and how best to incorporate them into workflows

  • Know what to do next, where to go for help, and where to find more educational content

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