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Leverage our Expert Transcript Library and Call Services with Alphasense Expert Insights
Leverage our Expert Transcript Library and Call Services with Alphasense Expert Insights

Gain a unique perspective on the market and hear from industry leaders with our Expert Call Library, now available in AlphaSense!

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What is AlphaSense Expert Insights?

There are many sources of competitive and market intelligence available in the public domain, yet they often barely scratch the surface of what you really need to know. AlphaSense Expert Insights provides access to first-hand knowledge and specialized, perspectives from industry leaders on topics and skillsets that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Rely on highly experienced financial investors to ask the in-depth questions that reveal truly unique and differentiated insights

  • Don't waste time coordinating your own expert interviews; access insights on-demand with call summaries, text and audio transcripts.

What is an Expert Call Transcript?

An Expert Call Transcript is a 1:1 interview with a person who has special skills or knowledge relating to a particular topic in an effort to uncover differentiated information based on their first-hand experience and expertise.

AlphaSense simplifies your research by providing a single platform to find the perspectives from Companies (Company Documents), Analysts (Broker Research), Journalists (News & Trade Journals),and the operator perspective (Expert Transcript Library/Expert Call Services)in a single platform.

Searching Across Expert Call Transcripts

In AlphaSense, leverage the Keyword Search and/or Company & Ticker Search bars to begin researching your area of focus. To search only across Expert Transcripts, either select the "Expert Insights" content filter...

...or Select the relevant content set from the Full Content Sources Menu by clicking View All

Isolate the Most Relevant Experts Call Transcripts from the Search Summary

Using the Search Summary, you're able to discover the most relevant expert call transcripts related to your search instantly. You can instantly open up this call transcript and begin reading by selecting the relevant topic

Navigating a Call Transcript

Keyword Hits & Insights Tab

Selecting an Expert Call Transcript from the Results List, you'll have the Keyword Hits pane which allows you to jump to the relevant portions of the call discussing your company and/or topic of interest. You can also view critical KPIs and Topics discussed in this call from the Insights Tab

Call Summary & Table of Contents

On each Expert Call, you'll find the call summary at the top, as well as a Table of Contents, which can be leveraged to jump to that particular section of the call with ease

Expert Bio & Employment History

You'll be able to learn about the bio of expert being interviewed, along with their employment history to see if this particular expert has the perspective you're interested in learning about.

Audio Playback

Listening to the audio of the call is easier than ever! Not only can you listen to the audio in full...

...but you can also leverage the timestamps within the transcript to instantly jump to that portion of the call.


Similar to Event Transcripts, you have Sentiment overlay on the call transcript that identifies the positive and negative tonality within the call to instantly provide you the sentimental context around the topic being discussed

Request 1:1 Calls with Experts (Expert Call Services)

You might have found an interview with an expert who has the exact experience you’re looking for and want to conduct your own call! You can request a 1:1 call with that expert right within the AlphaSense platform using the “Talk to this Expert” button on the Experts Call Transcripts.

If you already have access to our Expert Call Services, you will get a form where you can include request details (see below). You will then be connected to that expert via our content team.

If you do not yet have Expert Call Services available to you, clicking "Talk to this Expert" will allow you to submit a request for expert call bundles. Sales will reach out to you shortly with our package options!

What are Voice of the Customer (VOC) transcripts?

AlphaSense's Voice of Customer transcripts provide unprecedented access to focused interviews with customers actively using cutting-edge enterprise software, application software, and AI solutions. VOC hones in on pivotal 2024 sub-verticals like security software, AI, cloud computing, and data analytics. The transcripts balance perspectives across industry leaders and disruptors, offering a 360-degree view of customer evaluations. The conversations capture comprehensive insights into the entire customer journey from initial discovery through implementation and ongoing use. VOC unlocks an unmatched understanding of the value propositions driving transformative technologies by providing transparent windows into user experiences, purchasing behaviors, service quality, and realized ROI.

Interested in Gaining Access to the Expert's Perspective?

Interested in adding AlphaSense Expert Insights to your AlphaSense content set? Reach out to your Account Manager. If you're not sure who your Account Manager is, you can simply email us at [email protected] and we'll get you connected!

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