April Releases

In this article, we cover all the releases from April 2022.

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Let's take a look at each of the releases:

Trending Topics module

Following on from the release of Company Topics in Q1 2021, we are delighted to launch the Trending Topics module. You can now instantly see the top 100 trending topics for any watchlist. Simply click on a watchlist dashboard view to get started.

Rename dashboards

As part of our dashboard customization efforts, you can now rename any of your dashboard views. This follows recent releases, allowing users to add saved searches to a dashboard and drag and drop to re-order dashboards.

New global filing menu options

We have updated the source menu for global filings, providing new breakout sections for the Prospectus, M&A Related, and Circulars/IR Releases categories. There are now 10 new breakout options to choose from, including fixed-income and US municipal bond prospectuses, and mergers & acquisition specific content.

To get started, head to the Global Filings section of More Sources:

Search updates - search filters and ticker auto-complete

The team has made two updates to the search experience during April - helping users more quickly execute their search and find the insights they need.

First, the search filter facets have been updated. They now include a plus sign to indicate that the facet is available for selection, and a check (or tick) to denote that a facet is already selected.

Secondly, when you now start typing in a ticker or company name, the autocomplete menu includes logos for the associated company—helping you easily distinguish between the companies available and the selection you wanted.

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