May Releases

In this article, we cover all the releases from May 2022.

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Let's take a look at each of the releases:

Add a custom search module to any dashboard

Following our series of dashboard customization tools launched so far in 2022 (drag & drop capabilities, rename dashboard, and adding modules from saved searches to name a few!), we’re happy to announce that you can now create new modules for any dashboard via a custom search.

New Modules for Industry dashboards

Following the release of our Trending Topics module for Watchlist dashboards last month, we’ve now launched Trending Topics for Industries. Simply click on an industry dashboard view to see the top 100 topics.

We’ve also updated the default searches to provide you with more tailored ways to track key searches across industries--these include Industry Reports, Expert Calls, M&A Headlines, and Event Transcripts.

Access to Wright Investors Services & Morgans on Wall Street Insights®

We are delighted to have added Wright Investors Services and Morgans research to our WSI offering.

Wright provides market snapshots, company reports, economic charts, and industry information on over 46,000 companies across 130 countries, many of which are rarely covered by broker research firms.

Morgans is an Australian-based firm that provides macro economic strategy, equity strategy, individual company research and sector overviews, and technical analysis on 200+ listed stocks in the Australian market.

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