June Releases

The latest and greatest features and content released in June.

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Let's take a look at each of the releases:

Search: Custom Sources Button

You can now easily preview and adjust the sources that are refining your results. This will be especially useful to users who frequently filter within our four overarching content types.

Version Labels on Call Transcripts

We have added a transcript version label to select documents so that users can tell whether they are reading the Raw version (minimal human corrections) or the Corrected version (comes out up to an hour after the raw version and has more extensive human edits). The Corrected version can be considered to be the final version.

Note: this label may not be visible to some users.

WSI: Shortened Embargo Period for Deutsche Bank

We’re delighted to announce that the embargo period for AMR from Deutsche Bank is now just 3 days (down from seven). Four days of lead time on insights from one of the world’s leading investment banks can mean a world of difference when you’re making mission-critical decisions!

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