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Content Overview

In this article we explain the different types of content, how to tell which content you have access to, and how to add your own.

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Users of AlphaSense also get access to a wealth of content, in this article, we will cover:

Overview of content in AlphaSense

AlphaSense brings together four key market perspectives in one powerful platform to give you the complete picture, help you quickly find detailed insights, and to make better decisions:

  • Company documents - earning transcripts, press releases, company presentations, US & global company filings, and ESG reports.

  • Analyst reports (i.e., Research) - via our Wall Street Insight offering (for corporate, consulting, investment banks, and private equity) or via entitlements.

  • News & regulatory - business, market & general news, trade journals, macroeconomic organizations (for example, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund), healthcare & life sciences (for example,, energy, regional & global government agencies, and NGOs.

  • Expert calls - interviews with executives, companies, customers, and channel partners.

How to check your content access

If you want to understand which content sets you have access to, the quickest way to check is to hit the More Sources menu within AlphaSense. This will give you a birds-eye view of all the currently available content you have access to.

If you still have questions about your access or the available content, our team is happy to assist you via Live Help.

How to add content sources

Within AlphaSense, you have two options to add content sources, bringing all your sources into one place and making them searchable with our Smart Synonym technology.

The first option is to add content via an RSS feed. This can be any content that has an RSS feed. Once you set it up (which is very easy to do), the content starts streaming into AlphaSense. Learn more about adding an RSS feed.

The second option is to sync your internal or already downloaded content into AlphaSense via the many integration options available. Learn more about syncing your content.

Need assistance? Get quick expert help from our team in AlphaSense by clicking on "Live Help" in the top right corner.

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