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How to identify companies’ growth investments and spending priorities
How to identify companies’ growth investments and spending priorities

Use AlphaSense to uncover where your customers and prospects are still planning to invest, spend and grow.

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The current economic landscape means every dollar is scrutinized across every corporate sector. Companies are cutting back on spending in low-performing segments and taking fewer risks. Nevertheless, they continue to invest in trends, products and growth opportunities that will sustain their business in the long term.

Use these searches to find out where competitors, clients, and key accounts are continuing to spend or increasing their investments, even in a downturn.

Remember to:

  • Filter with your ticker or watchlist to surface signals from the companies and industries you care most about.

  • Filter with document types including company documents, earnings transcripts, broker research and expert calls, so you don’t miss a key perspective.

  • Add keywords to your search to dive deep into the services and product categories most relevant to your business.

  • Save searches and create alerts to gain real-time information on shifting investment priorities.

    • Identify where customers or competitors are cutting costs, deprioritizing certain business segments, and reallocating capital expenditures.

    • Identify which business segments or growth initiatives a company is increasing investment in, and where they are allocating capital amidst budget reorganizations.

    • Identify specific projects or products for which a customer or key prospect is prioritizing investment and capital allocation.

    • Identify which companies in a given industry are increasing their spend on the products and services you sell, and which industries are likely to continue investing in your product categories.

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