With AlphaSense, you can quickly identify total addressable market, market share, growth potential, peer strategy and suppliers, macro trend impact and M&A activity within your segment. In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain the expert opinion on the market opportunity, size and growth potential with broker research and industry trade journal access

  • Identify how suppliers, competitors and peer strategy has changed over time with Search Summary

  • Track major players and topics and themes within your industry with Dashboard

As you watch, we recommend that you customize each search for your own research purposes. Reference the checklist below to ensure you’ve customized your new product/market entry workflow in AlphaSense.

Customization Checklist:

** Thematic Search on a Topic **

** Peerset/Coverage Universe Search **

  • Save my peerset, competitors, clients, suppliers or coverage universe in a Watchlist.

PRO TIP: Save the suggested searches above (or other topics you care about!) as an Alert and update your Dashboard.

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