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Overview and Login

The AlphaSense iOS brings lightning-fast search and on-the-go viewing at your fingertips. Once you've downloaded the app, login with the same credentials you use to access AlphaSense on your computer.

(Pro Tip: Enable FaceID for quick, secure logins without needing to enter your password)

The iOS app carries over your saved searches, alerts, and watchlists previously created in the web browser for a seamless experience between platforms.

Searching, Filtering, and Viewing Documents

Searching in the iOS app

To start searching, select the "Search" icon in the bottom-left and either:

  • Use only the Keyword Search to search for all documents pertaining to a topic or theme

  • Use only the Company/Ticker Search to search for all documents either by or about a company. You can also search by any Watchlist you've already created

  • Use both to search for all documents by or about a company pertaining to a topic or theme

Filtering in the iOS app

To begin filtering your results, you can use the Content Facets to filter by content types, or open the Sources Menu for a more granular breakdown by tapping "More Sources"

Viewing Documents in the iOS app

  • After running a search, tap on a document to open it (1)

  • While viewing the document, you'll see two important navigational elements on the right hand side.

    • A circled number: This tells you how many mentions of your searched topic or theme are found in the document

    • Two navigational arrows: These are used to jump to each mention of your searched topic or theme within the document

  • Selecting the circled number (2), you can view each snippet of your query and tap on a selection to jump to that relevant portion of the document (3)

Turning on Notification Alerts in the mobile app

When first logging in, you'll be asked whether you'd like to enable Push Notifications. You can change enable/disable these at any point by selecting the "Account" tab in the bottom right-hand corner and toggling "Push Notifications" on/off.

Bookmarking Documents and Downloading for Offline Viewing

You may want find documents that you're interested in reading, but don't have the time to currently read through them in detail. In this case, you can bookmark documents for future reference!

  • To Bookmark any document, select the ellipses (...) in the upper right-hand corner (1)

  • Select Bookmark (2)

  • Tap the Bookmark icon in the bottom navigation menu (3) to full a complete list of your bookmarked content

  • Note: If you'd like to enable Automatic Downloading of your bookmarked documents, simply select the automatic download option in the upper right-hand corner of your screen (4) and select "Enable Downloads"

Pro Tip: Swipe to the right on any document in the results list to add/remove it to your Bookmarks

Share Research with your team wherever you are

Sharing with teammates who have access to AlphaSense

Send any document to a colleague with access to AlphaSense by tapping the share icon (outlined in yellow below) on a document in the results panel. Simply tap the ellipses (...) in the upper right-hand corner of a document and select "Share Document"

Pro Tip: You can also share the document from the results list by dragging to the left

Sharing with teammates who do not have access to AlphaSense

If your colleague doesn't currently have access to AlphaSense, there are several ways you can still share documents with them:

  • Some document types can be viewed without needing an AlphaSense account. Take look at what content types are fully available here.

  • You can download the document as a PDF and share it with your contacts

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