Perform financial analysis on a competitor's specific business segment

STEP 1: Perform a Company & Ticker Search

View a Company's Tear Sheet and all documents by or about a competitor or peer by using the Company & Ticker Search bar. You can search for any public or private company by their name or ticker symbol.

STEP 2: Filter Quarterly Revenue Statistics by Business Segment

Selectively search across the content sets you're interested in by using Source Filters. We'll want to isolate the search to just show 8Ks from the company we searched for in Step 1.

  • Select "More Sources" to open the full sources menu

  • Select "US SEC Filings" on the left-hand side

  • Expand the dropdown for "Major SEC Filings"

  • Hover over "8K/8KA - Event Filings" and select "Only".

Run the search.

STEP 3: Compile similar tables from 8K using Table Export

After the search completes, we have a comprehensive list of 8Ks by our about the company you searched for in a single view. Now we want to isolate the Selected Business Segment Data contained within these 8Ks and export a yearly breakdown.

Select the first 8K from the results list on the right. On the document preview on the right-hand side, select "View All Tables".

In the Table Export window, click "Selected Business Segment Data" and then select "View Similar Tables".

Hold the Control/Command key and select the prior 4 tables to look at [Company of Interest's] Segment Quarterly Revenue (broken down by quarter/calendar period)

Export these tables into a single sheet by selecting "Export Selected Tables"

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