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Part 3: Identifying Key Trends and Insights
Part 3: Identifying Key Trends and Insights

In this article, we outline best practices for understanding industry and company-level trends.

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In this third part, of our landscape analysis and due diligence workflow, we are identifying trends and insights at the industry/sector or company level.

Step 1: Instantly see top trends for an industry/sector

With the Trending Topics module, you can instantly see the top 100 trends across any group of companies. To get started, simply click into any industry or watchlist dashboard view, and the Trending Topics module will populate in the top left.

Plus, when you find an interesting trend, you can click on it, to launch a search for that topic - and then explore the documents driving the trend.

Step 2: Identify key topics at the company level

Using the Company Topics module, you can identify key topics that are acting as drivers of company performance. Simply head to any company profile page, and the Company Topics module will appear.

The module itself contains several filter options. In this case, you can focus on the positive and negative filter options to see the topics that are acting as head and tailwinds to the company.

Step 3: Leverage broker and expert content to validate findings

Once you have an overall perspective on the trends and topics at the industry/sector, and company levels, you can leverage broker research and expert calls to validate your findings. By searching for a specific trend with content filters, with or without a company, you can quickly search these content sets for information and contrast the results against your original insights.

If you need access to broker research or expert calls, your account manager will be able to assist.

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