In this final part, of our landscape analysis and due diligence workflow, we are setting up our monitoring to stay up-to-date on the landscape.

Step 1: Save and refine key searches

Through the analysis process, you will have created specific searches that produce the results you want - if you have not already, the first step in setting up monitoring and an ongoing cadence is to save these searches.

Visit our search library for search inspiration, and if you need assistance creating or refining searches, chat with our expert team via Live Help.

Step 2: Setting up dashboard and alerts

Your dashboard is a central place where you can view all the latest information for the landscape and individual companies you want to monitor. If you require more proactive notification when a new piece of information is available, you can choose to set up alerts via email and push notifications via mobile - giving you real-time, instant notification (or on whatever schedule you need), whenever something important happens.

Step 3: Prepare insights for sharing

Within AlphaSense you can also leverage the Notebook feature to keep track of important insights as you find them, even adding your own commentary and annotations as you need. So when it comes to reporting out to colleagues and stakeholders, you have a ready-made report of all the salient intelligence that will be most impactful.

Need assistance? Get quick expert help from our team in AlphaSense by clicking on "Live Help" in the top right corner.

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