August Releases

Exciting updates – continue to speed your research with expanded Company Smart Summaries, create Industry Dashboards and more!

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Let us take a look at each of the releases:

Expanded Company Smart Summaries

We’ve expanded the coverage of Company Smart Summaries–which provide an instant, complete overview of the most important things you need to know to quickly evaluate a company, across a variety of key perspectives–to 3,000+ companies from across the globe. This deployment of our generative AI-powered Smart Summaries can be found on Company Tearsheets where available.

Industry Dashboards added to new Dashboard Experience

You can now create industry dashboards from the main Add Dashboard menu in the new dashboard experience. This feature helps you to quickly find news, topics, and industry reports from specific industries and sectors by populating key widgets with a focus on industry information instead of specific companies and watchlists. Dashboards added from this new feature will cover the top 200 companies by market cap.

Section Search Enhancements

You can now restrict your search to specific sections of 10K’s, 10Q’s, 8K's, 20f's, and earnings transcripts for higher precision search results. Discover meaningful information enclosed in Key Exhibits with this new search functionality.

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