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Get instant insights and save time with Smart Summaries

With AlphaSense's Generative AI, you're able to seamlessly surface important information and trust it's verified and accurate

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What are Smart Summaries and why they matter?

Leveraging generative AI, Smart Summaries is the fastest way to pull timely insights from across the world’s most trusted content sources.

Here is what makes Smart Summaries different than other generative AI tools:

  • Proven AI for market intelligence: Smart Summaries leverages AlphaSense’s 10+ year investment in AI-powered research, including our Smart Synonym, Sentiment Analysis, and Topic & KPI extraction technologies.

  • Instant citation from trusted sources: Smart Summaries provide deep-linked citations, allowing users to quickly validate any insight instantly to see the original source document and exact snippet.

  • Premium insights from high-value content: Smart Summaries extract insights from our vast universe of premium business content, including Expert Calls, Broker Research, News & Company Documents, to provide a holistic view of the market, faster than ever

Why you can trust Smart Summaries

Our AI algorithms are never trained on any data or information that is uploaded into the platform by you - meaning all of your information is always private and never leaves our secure network.

Summaries are drawn directly from a curated collection of source content within the platform (not across the open internet) and we provide direct citation links back to the exact snippets and documents referenced for easy and secure verification.

How can I see Smart Summaries?

Smart Summaries will be automatically generated and shown:

Leveraging Smart Summaries on Transcripts

To surface Smart Summaries for any Earnings Call:

  1. Run a search for the topics and/or companies you're interested in

  2. Filter for "Event Transcripts"

  3. Select an Earnings call from the results

  4. In the transcript preview, you'll see a section titled "Summary"

    1. Note: you may need to expand the dropdown

Once you've arrived at the Transcript Smart Summary, you'll be able to view the AI-generated Highlights, Lowlights, and Guidance summaries from the call, as well as a Q&A Highlights.

Highlights, Lowlights, & Guidance

Select any summary item to be directed to the relevant talking point from the call. In addition, you can verify the statements by selecting the citations appended to each line item.

Q&A Highlights

The Q&A Highlights table will summarize the most relevant questions asked during the call, and consolidate the answer given to each corresponding question. Citations exist on each summary, giving you the confidence of verification and trust.

Smart Summaries for Search

To see Smart Summaries for Search, simply run any search with the Keyword search bar (either independently or combined with a Company & Ticker search)

After running your search, you'll be served with concise, relevant, AI generated summaries across earnings transcripts, broker research, and expert calls. AlphaSense will generate these summaries from the top 100 documents for each content set.

As always, Smart Summary bullets are clickable and take you to the exact snippet within a document, earnings call, or expert call transcript from which the insight was sourced.

Leveraging Smart Summaries on Company Pages

To surface Smart Summaries for Company Pages:

  1. Search for a public-traded company by their name or ticker in the Company & Ticker Search Bar

  2. Navigate to the Company Overview and Tearsheet on the right-hand side

Note: Smart Summaries will only be generated when searching single companies. Generating Smart Summaries for multiple companies (ex: searching using a Watchlist) is not supported at this time.

On the Company Overview Page, Smart Summaries will provide AI-generated summations for Earnings performance, Research perspectives, and Expert Calls.


Use the Earnings module to quickly pull overall highlights, lowlights, guidance, and Q&A insights from a company's latest earnings call. Additionally, you can glean even more context for a company's earnings performance with summaries from the analyst perspective around Beats & Misses and Bullish & Bearish outlooks for a company.

  1. Expand the dropdown to view the Smart Summary for each relevant section

  2. Select any summary or citation to verify the information and dive in deeper

  3. Click "View Transcript" to be immediately taken to the latest Earnings Call Transcript for the company

  4. Select the search icon to run a new query as it relates to the specific category you're viewing


Use the Research module to understand the breadth of the analyst perspective about a company. Research summaries are sourced from all of the broker research to which you are entitled through AlphaSense, which means users with access to our Wall Street Insights collection will see summaries that cover 1,500+ analyst perspectives. Sections of this module include Upgrades & Downgrades, Strengths & Opportunities, Weaknesses & Threats, and Competition.

  1. Expand the dropdown to view the Smart Summary for each relevant section

  2. Select any summary or citation to verify the information and dive in deeper

  3. Select the search icon to run a new query as it relates to the specific category you're viewing

Expert Calls

Use the Expert Calls module to quickly spot trends, understand context, and get closer to the truth about a company, directly from its source. This module pours over our library of nearly 30,000 expert call transcripts to summarize a company's Strengths & Opportunities, Weaknesses & Threats, and Competition from the perspective of former executives, customers, and partners.

  1. Expand the dropdown to view the Smart Summary for each relevant section

  2. Select any summary or citation to verify the information and dive in deeper

  3. Select the search icon to run a new query as it relates to the specific category you're viewing

Smart Summaries for Industries

You now can leverage Smart Summaries across entire Industries!

Smart Summaries for Industries are a dashboard-style experience that allow you to explore key themes, earnings performance, and sentiment across an entire industry. These summaries are aggregated across companies, meaning you’re able to get a birds-eye view of what’s happening with all the major players in a given industry.


What kinds of questions can AlphaSense Smart Summaries answer for me?

Some questions that Smart Summaries can help you answer include, but are not limited to:

  • What are analysts bullish and bearish about?

  • What were the highlights and lowlights of the earnings call?

  • What is the future guidance on critical KPIs for the company?

  • Where did the company beat or miss expectations?

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for a company?

  • Describe the competitive or market landscape for this company.

How are these insights generated?

Smart Summaries generates insights by leveraging AlphaSense’s AI technology, including Smart Synonyms™, and sentiment analysis. These AI capabilities allow our generative AI Smart Summaries to parse through millions of documents across the premium and high-value content sets available in AlphaSense, and then present highly accurate and valuable summaries.

How will I know if the answer is right or wrong?

Smart Summaries contain citations linked to the exact snippets within the underlying content sources that contributed to the generated summary. As a result, you have the ability to quickly validate any of the information contained in our summaries and find the broader context.

Why can't I see company summaries for [insert company name]?

Smart Summaries for Companies are currently available for over 3000 companies based on content coverage in AlphaSense (including the Russell 1000). We are actively working on expanding this list in the future

How often are Smart Summaries modules updated?

Earnings summaries (both on Company Pages and individual transcripts) are updated within five minutes of the final transcript becoming available. Research and expert call summaries are currently updated twice daily to account for new documents added to the platform.

Will I be able to see the expert call summaries even if I don't have access to the Expert Insights transcript library?

Yes, all users, regardless of their Expert Insights access, will be able to see the bulleted summaries generated from across our library of expert call transcripts. However, if you'd like to see the snippet within the context of the source document to validate, you will need to add Expert Insights to your account.

I'm not seeing any Smart Summaries on Search - why not?

Smart Summaries on Search summarizes the top 100 documents for each content type (earnings, research, expert calls). If you are not seeing any Smart Summaries, it's likely due to not enough results in your overall search.

Adjust the parameters of your search and try again - if you continue to have issues, reach out to Live Help and we'll take a look.

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