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Part 2: Finding Key Market Data
Part 2: Finding Key Market Data

In this article, we outline best practices for finding key market data in text and tables.

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In this second part, of our landscape analysis and due diligence workflow, we are searching for key market share and growth data.

Step 1: Search for market and growth data

By using a Boolean string, you can specify in one search all the key market data you want to find. Using a mixture of keywords (e.g. “market share”, “tam”, and “cagr”), and the “#” Boolean operator focuses the search.

Plus, by filtering for broker and industry research, you can leverage relevant data already compiled.

Key resources for this step:

Step 2: Pinpoint company-specific data

In our second step, we start by using the same search string in step 1. To pinpoint company-specific data, we add a company ticker. The search can also be modified further with filters for company documents (i.e. information published by the company itself) and research as needed.

Step 3: Continue your research on iOS

With AlphaSense's iOS app, you can seamlessly research on desktop and mobile devices. Before leaving your desk, bookmark any documents to read and digest on iOS. When you log into the app, the documents are ready and waiting.

Up Next: Finding key data for the landscape and companies

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