Earnings Season Checklist

Learn more about some essential steps to prepare for earnings season

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Note: If your dashboard looks different, you likely have our new dashboard experience, which you can check out here.

Earnings season and all the related documents are a veritable feast of insights on peers, competitors, and even your own company.

Here is your earnings season checklist:

Setup proactive monitoring

Save yourself time, by making your dashboard earnings ready. Add specific dashboard views, with saved searches to keep an eye on the latest news from companies, watchlists, or even whole industries.

Learn more about making your dashboard ready for earnings (including some search ideas to get you started).

Understand key trends

When you need to quickly understand the key trends - head to the topic modules. For trends across an industry or watchlist, use Trending Topics via the dashboard. If you want the trends impacting an individual company, use Company Topics.

Quickly dissect filing documents

Easily find the exact information you want by focusing your search on the exact section of the filing document - by selecting the specific section from the more sources menu. Plus searching within filings documents automatically identifies the hidden sentiment behind the words.

Research on the go

AlphaSense provides a smooth research process between desktop and iOS. Here is how to make the most of iOS during earnings:

  • Leverage bookmarks to mark (and quickly locate) documents you want to digest when you are away from your desk.

  • Access broker research right from your iOS device

  • Receive push notifications whenever a key document becomes available

  • Listen to earning transcript audio on your iOS device

Leverage the broker view

Earnings season is as valuable because of the broker's expert viewpoint as it is for the company’s own perspective. During earnings season there are two specific ways to maximize the broker view:

  • Focus on the Q&A (via section search) in earnings transcripts to get an idea about what the broker really cares about, and also uncover the hidden sentiment in the questions and answers - for example, repeated questions can indicate that the broker community is unsure or unconvinced about some of the earnings information.

  • Dive into detailed broker research to uncover a well-rounded viewpoint about the health, and outlook of a specific company or industry.

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