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Fueling decisions that matter: Key releases from 2021
Fueling decisions that matter: Key releases from 2021

In this article, we recap the key releases from 2021 and give a sneak peek into 2022.

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In 2021 we had a very clear vision: getting users to insights faster to fuel the decisions that matter. All centered around a brand new AlphaSense search experience, to coincide with our 10th anniversary. These key improvements show how we have (and will continue to) deliver on this vision.

For each of the six improvements, we explain what it is, why it matters, share an expert tip for leveraging, and give you a peek into upcoming improvements. So without further ado, here they are:

  1. New search experience: reducing search times and finding relevant results by up to 25% faster

  2. Customizable dashboards - a centralized place for all your monitoring without running a search

  3. Recommended Reads - using our AI to make sure you don’t miss anything

  4. Company Topics - AI-powered summary of earnings calls to quickly understand what is (and is not) driving company performance

  5. Expanded news and trade publication coverage - expanding English and non-English coverage significantly

  6. BONUS Expanded broker coverage (eligible clients only) - Wall Street Insights® now includes over 5,600 global analysts covering 27,000 companies

New Search Experience

What it is: A faster and more intuitive search experience. This includes content shortcut filters, redesigned results pane, and document previews.

Why it matters: The key to helping get you to insights faster is reducing the time it takes to search. The new search experience simplifies the search process and brings to the forefront content shortcuts to improve the accuracy of the search, as well as, help to decide which results make the most sense before diving in.

A lot easier to narrow my search by specific sources. The previous view made it hard to find the full content library. This is more intuitive.

Director Global Commercial Development, Global Pharmaceutical Company

"In terms of a user interface, it's great that it's so fast. The speed at which I can find things has been great."

Senior Analyst, Private Equity

Expert tip: Leverage the AI recommended search filters to further narrow down your results - the recommendations are tailored and specific to the type of search.

What to look out for in 2022: Personalized filter recommendations in 2H

Customizable Dashboards

What is it: A way to easily monitor companies, watchlists, industries, and topics at a glance

Why it matters: Most users have a sphere of interest, where they need to stay up-to-date on everything that happens. The introduction of the dashboard allows you to proactively monitor all the information you need to know in one place without having to search for it.

“This is great. I legitimately think I would change my workflow and check this each morning or a few times a week.”

Corporate Strategy Professional, a leader in technology-enabled transportation

Expert tip: Learn how to customize your dashboard to make monitoring simple.

What to look out for in 2022: More customization features to personalize your Dashboard further

Recommended Reads

What it is: An AI-powered weekly digest of everything you missed but might need to know.

Why it matters: Sometimes even the most diligent searcher will miss things. Our AI helps make sure you don’t miss anything important.

​​“I see a parallel between Your Recommended Reads and Spotify Discover. I love when I hit play on Spotify every Friday I encounter new music and artists I wouldn’t have otherwise listened to. With Your Recommended Reads, it’s an exploration and new world of documents and content.”

VP, Investment advisory firm

Expert tip: Learn how to optimize your AlphaSense experience to get the best out of Recommended Reads

What to look out for in 2022: Currently in limited Beta, look for Recommended Reads coming to all users in Q1

Company Topics

What it is: An AI-powered assessment of everything discussed in earnings calls that is driving (or hindering) company performance.

Why it matters: Quickly getting the 10,000-foot view can help you hone in on the really important details. Company Topics gives you this view, to see instantly what is acting as a positive or negative force behind company performance, and the ability to delve deeper into the historical context in seconds.

“Very helpful, especially around making sure I don’t miss anything that I feel I should know about”

VP, Investment Management Firm

Expert tip: If a company is already familiar to you, use the momentum view to see what is trending recently.

What to look out for in 2022: Multi-company topics in Q1

Expanded News and Trade Journal Coverage

What it is: We tripled and doubled our coverage of local news and trade journals, respectively. Quite simply, you now have access to much more.

Why it matters: Trade journals and localized news offer an external perspective on things happening at a company, local, regional, and industry level. So having more sources to mine for insights is only a positive.

“Having expanded trade journal coverage has helped us ensure we get a multitude of expert perspectives”

Corporate Strategy professional, Global Industrials Company

“The local view of key trends and themes has been helpful to build a full landscape analysis”

Senior Analyst, Pension Fund

Expert tip: Use the More Sources menu to specify an exact region for news or industries for trade journal sources.

What to look out for in 2022: Expansion of non-English content sources throughout 2022

Expanded Broker Coverage (eligible clients only)

What it is: Even more award-winning expert analysis of companies, industries, and trends at your fingertips.

Why it matters: During 2021, we unlocked greater global coverage from top Wall Street researchers, J.P. Morgan, Citi, Credit Suisse, Raymond James, RBC, and William Blair. They share their expert opinion on how companies will perform, how industries will evolve, and how trends will play out. They do all the research and present their findings to you. Rich in insights, broker research is incredibly valuable.

“Wall Street Insights gives me more sources to analyze and AlphaSense’s AI helps me pinpoint exactly what I need, giving me truly massive time-savings”

Team Manager for Corporate Development, Fortune 10 Technology platform

Expert tip: Learn how to maximize the impact of broker research, including how to leverage the new table of contents feature lets you check for relevant content, before diving in.

What to look out for in 2022: More award-winning broker research.

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