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View and Analyze Your Proprietary Documents in Dashboard
View and Analyze Your Proprietary Documents in Dashboard

Quickly upload your own content from OneNote, Sharepoint, etc into AlphaSense and highlight it in a single view

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Note: If your dashboard looks different, you likely have our new dashboard experience, which you can check out here.

Note: You may be seeing your filters located at the top of your page. This indicates you are on our older version of filters. To see how to enable Vertical Filters ,click here

STEP 1: Upload content into AlphaSense via Integrations

Whether manually (via upload or email) or automatically (via OneNote, Evernote, Sharepoint, or FileSync), you can leverage our AI and NLP on your own documents by uploading them into AlphaSense. View our Integrations Hub to find walkthrough documentation on each method available to you.

To upload content into AlphaSense, select the Integrations icon from the left-hand side bar (1) and choose your method of choice (ex: OneNote). Select "Sync" (2) and then follow the instructions on the popup to connect your account.

STEP 2: Create a custom Dashboard for your Integrated Content

In your Dashboard, create a new custom dashboard and label it (ex: ACME Integrated Content). Don't worry about populating the Dashboard right after you create it - we'll circle back to that in a bit.

STEP 3: Run a search for all your proprietary documents

To view all of your uploaded content from all sources, simply select the "Integrations & Notes" filter...

To run a search for content only uploaded via a single source (ex: OneNote), select the "More Sources" button and filter down by the Integrations listed

STEP 4: Save your search and add it to your Dashboard

In the upper right-hand corner, select "Save Search". Title your search and make sure to select and add the search to the custom Dashboard you built earlier.

Continue Steps 3 & 4 for any integrated content type you've uploaded into AlphaSense.

STEP 5: Monitor and review your Dashboard

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